Our production will be able to make any kinds of springs in different sizes. Here it will be possible to order spring winding, both with the right or with the left winding. Also, depending on the requirements of the customer we able to produce hot or cold winding springs. Specialized equipment for winding the springs allows to produce spring products in size with high precision. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of spring elements – we will be able to provide our services of spring coiling using the technology of using specialized spring automatic machines and machine tools.

What we produce:

At our disposal specialized machines for the production of springs that can wind any spring for your needs. Detailed assortment can study in the catalog.

Springs, which by the nature of the work, work on stretching and perceive the longitudinal-axial load, stretching the spring as a whole.

These springs work in compression and perceive longitudinal-axial loads. They are divided into: cylindrical, conical with constant and variable pitch and angle of inclination, figured.

Springs working on twisting, which are subjected to a load of moment from a pair of forces acting in parallel planes perpendicular to the axis of the spring. Divided into torsion and twisted.

Springs differing in very small size.

For example: frames, hooks, suspensions, mortgages, etc.

O-rings, for shafts, external and internal according to DIN 7993

Various fasteners

Our advantages

We are interested in cooperation and offer to supply quality products on a permanent basis. Our advantages:

  • We have all the necessary equipment to produce high quality products
  • Strict control of product parameters, exact compliance with customer requirements
  • Competent customer consultation with knowledge of all the features and subtleties of production
  • We work right on time
  • Shipping
  • We give a guarantee for manufactured products
  • Transparent pricing
  • Production and delivery of products according to drawings / samples from 1 piece
  • The ability to manufacture experimental batches.