The main products of the company are manufacturing:

  • Springs: for industry and the automotive industry, for electrical engineering, for household appliances, for medical equipment, for food production and operation in corrosive environments.
  • Shaped wire products (frames, hooks, suspensions, mortgages, etc.);
  • Lock rings (DIN 7993) (round, for shafts, external and internal);
  • Clips and clamps;

Method of manufacture: cold winding. For the manufacture of products used wire: GOST 9389-75; GOST 3282-74; GOST 7372-79; AISI 302; EN 10271-2; DIN EN 1044: AG 105, DIN 8513: L-Ag 40 Sn, EN ISO 3677: B-Ag 40 Cu Zn Sn – 650/710;

Shaped products

These products are usually used for locking and fixation various elements.

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Torsion springs

Springs working on twisting, which are subjected to a load of moment from a pair of forces acting in parallel planes perpendicular to the axis of the spring

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Micro springs

The main feature is their springs their small size

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Compression springs

These springs work in compression and perceive longitudinal-axial loads.

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Extension springs

Springs, which by the nature of the work, work on stretching and perceive the longitudinal-axial load, stretching the spring as a whole.

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Retaining rings

Used for binding various elements on shafts and axles of gearboxes and motors.

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